Zero technology tested by sci-fi celebrities


Two cast members from the cult show Red Dwarf will be putting the 2013 Zero motorcycle range through its paces for a show which looks at the practicalities of using electric vehicles.

Robert Llewellyn, who played Kryten in the hit show, now presents an online podcast called Fully Charged.   He has invited cast member Danny John Jules (The Cat) to take part in the trial, as they look particularly at battery power.   Dan Lynch, Country Manager for Zero, is very optimistic about the trial, “This is great exposure for Zero, as we very confident our battery technology is first class.  On a personal level, I was delighted when our PR company  Big On Results set this up as I’m a big Red Dwarf fan”.   Filming took place in Cheltenham earlier this month and will be aired soon.  Previous episodes have featured another eMCI member Agility, whose Saietta model was introduced in the 60 seconds section of the show in December.