Quarterly Insight Report


The Quarterly Insight Report provides more comprehensive reports with additional information as well as year on year comparisons. 

Report Dimensions
  • Top manufacturers
  • Top models
  • Top occupations
  • Top industries
  • Top accidents
  • Top convictions
  • Bike size
  • Bike licence type (full/provisional)
  • Car licence type
Report Dimensions
  • Vehicle use
  • Shared bikes
  • Annual mileage
  • Marital status
  • Age of rider
  • Age of bike
  • Home owner
  • Car owner
  • Payment Method
  • New bikes (where year of manufacturer and quote are the same)
  • Used bikes (where year of manufacturer and quote are different)
  • Shoppers (where insurance has been sought for a bike not yet owned)
  • All bikes (new, used and shoppers)

 For more information please contact: stats@mcia.co.uk