Campaigns and Initiatives

Campaigns and Initiatives


Here, we showcase our commitment to advocacy, policy influence, and driving positive change through strategic campaigns that shape the landscape for Powered Two Wheelers (PTWs) and L-Category vehicles.

MCIA & Zemo Partnership's Joint Action Plan

- Realising the Full Potential of Zero Emission Powered Light Vehicles". A Joint Action Plan for Government and Industry. 

MCIA and Zemo Partnership Action Plan Scorecard
Assessing progress and holding the Government accountable on the delivery of the Joint Action Plan

A Licence to Net Zero
The campaign to make acquiring a moped, motorcycle or other Powered Light Vehicle (PLV)licence simpler, fairer, safer and more accessible for all, enabling a cleaner and greener future.

The Route to Tomorrow's Journeys
- Ensuring the right vehicle for the right journey

The Journey to a Brighter Destination:
- Making the case for leisure motorcycling

Phase out Consultation
Transitioning our industry to net zero.

Advancing impactful change: 
In a world where policy decisions can transform industries, our Campaigns and Initiatives stand as beacons of proactive change. We're dedicated to engaging with decision makers, stakeholders, and the public to create awareness, advocate for change, and propel our industry towards a more sustainable, innovative future.

Our campaign arsenal:

  • Clean Mobility Initiatives: Explore campaigns centred around cleaner, greener transportation solutions. Discover how we're championing the adoption of eco-friendly technologies that reduce emissions and promote a healthier environment, whilst protecting the current status quo as far as is reasonable.
  • Safety Awareness Drives: Dive into our safety centric campaigns that underscore our commitment to rider protection and road safety. Learn how we collaborate with organisations to create a safer road ecosystem for everyone.
  • Policy Advocacy Movements: Uncover our initiatives focused on influencing policy decisions at all levels of governance. We keep you informed about ongoing advocacy efforts and how you can be part of creating impactful change.
  • Inclusive Mobility Campaigns: Join us in promoting inclusivity in urban mobility. Learn about our campaigns that highlight the diverse ways PTWs and L-Category vehicles cater to various transportation needs, fostering a more accessible and well-rounded transportation ecosystem.

through engagement: 
By engaging with our Campaigns and Initiatives, you're taking a proactive step towards becoming an advocate for change. Whether you're a rider, industry stakeholder, or simply passionate about sustainable urban mobility, there's a role for you to play in our campaigns.

Show you support:
As you explore the rich tapestry of our campaigns, we invite you to be part of the change-making process. Discover how you can contribute, amplify our voice, and shape a transportation landscape that aligns with our collective vision. 

For information about MCIA campaigns, please contact:

Director of Policy and Public Affairs
Alfie Brierley:
07590 168714    

Public Affairs Manager
Sean Waters:
07976 714094