August Powered Two-Wheeler Registration Statistics

August Powered Two-Wheeler Registration Statistics

MCIA has today published the market data for August, and full year-to-date, for new motorcycle, scooter and other L-Category registrations.

August closes 7.1% down, with the year-to-date market – helped considerably by a positive, consistent monthly performance in larger capacity motorcycles – closing at - 4%. Smaller capacity machines continue to struggle but remain consistent compared to 2019.

Smaller powered electric PTW’s, having experienced excellent growth over the last 5 years continue to feel the effects of alternative, non-legislated products occupying this area, something MCIA is working closely with Government on to enable this segment to grow.

Tony Campbell, CEO of MCIA, said: “Whilst MCIA and its members continue to lobby Government to ensure our sector is fully understood and creates a platform for all segments of our industry to flourish, it is concerning to see last mile delivery fleets and in particular GIG economy riders using unregulated, often illegal, high powered e-bikes to do the same job as  regulated and legal low powered, small capacity scooters and mopeds.  

We will continue to represent our members’ interests at the highest levels to ensure the benefits of motorcycles, scooters and other powered light vehicles, as both an economic and convenient transport solution provides a regulated, insured and licensed transport option for last-mile delivery, commuting and every day transport needs”. 

More details on the August registration figures can be found here.

Please credit MCIA when quoting this information.

Notes for Editors:

MCIA is the body that represents the UK L-Category vehicle industry. L-Category vehicles can be defined as motorised lightweight scooters, motorcycles, tricycles and quadricycles, typically with zero or low-emission power.

Within regulation they are defined as ‘L-Category’ vehicles (Regulation 168/2013) and are a great solution to the congestion and air quality challenges we all face. They are also sometimes referred to as powered light vehicles (PLV).

For more information about the work of MCIA and L-Category vehicles, or to interview MCIA’s CEO, Tony Campbell, please contact Gina Evans at