Emergency Alert Testing READING / M4

Emergency Alert Testing READING / M4

Following on from our Bulletin dated 25th May in relation to UK Government testing emergency alarms. The Government have now called on MCIA again to give updates to the testing rollout.

As a reminder, the “Alert System” will alert people in case of emergency events that are considered life threatening (Terrorist Threat and Severe Weather events as an example). 

The next in this series of testing will take place on Tuesday 29th June in the Reading area, also covering a small section of the M4.  A text message will be sent to compatible mobile telephones that are at that time in the test location. The ability to send text messages in this way is strictly controlled by the Government with only the Emergency Services having access to the system.

MCIA have been asked to once again communicate this trial through the Industry and therefore we ask that the information and websites relating to this initiative are sent via your B2C channels using the suggested message below, accompanying assets can be found here:

If you are the recipient of an Alert Text Message during this trial, please remain focussed on driving / riding and do not be distracted by the alert. Be aware, it is very likely other road users will be receiving the same alert and therefore could be distracted and therefore please extra vigilant during the time of the trial. 

To learn more about Emergency Alerts, look out for the nationwide information campaign and visit gov.uk/alerts