Industry Undertakes Rider Skills Survey

MCIA has coordinated and hosted a number of meetings with training organisations and rider groups to develop an initiative to encourage more riders to take up advanced rider training.  The group aim to increase the number of riders undertaking additional skills training once they have passed their test. 

The first step in this process is to understand rider’s attitudes to additional skills training through a short survey.  The survey identifies potential barriers to additional training, current knowledge, expectations, demographics and areas where riders feel their skills can improve, and how they would go about doing this.  

Evaluation of the data will give insight in to how best to communicate to this audience and an understanding of which rider groups may be more receptive to a particular style of messaging, to encourage riding in a responsible, informed and safe manner. 

In order that we reach as many riders as possible, we are requesting you share the link with your customers to enable the research sample size to be as large as possible. 

The link to share is:  along with the hashtag #trainriderepeat