February Registrations: L-Category Sector (Motorcycles, Scooters & light 3 and 4 wheel motorised vehicles)

February Registrations: L-Category Sector (Motorcycles, Scooters & light 3 and 4 wheel motorised vehicles)

MCIA today released the registration figures for the L-Category sector showing an 81.7% increase in registrations, ending the month of February at 5,212 units verses 2,868 in 2021.

With more people tiring of congestion, soaring fuel prices and poor air quality, the Powered 2, 3 & light 4-wheel sector vehicles are coming to the fore as the most economical, environmental, and efficient solution to move about.  

Adventure bikes are once again building on the strong start to the year, with registrations ahead of 2021 by 138% year to date. This reinforces the need to protect the leisure & sport market, as outlined in the MCIAs recent publication The Journey to a Brighter Destination’ which is supported by Motorcycle Action Group, Mental Health Motorbike and Auto Cycle Union the sport’s governing body. This document makes the case for motorcycling, and the major benefits it offers to the UK economy, the positive effect on a rider’s mental health and physical wellbeing, and the very limited negative impact on the environment & air quality.

This sector offers transport solutions for businesses, commuting and pleasure, MCIA expects these trends will continue throughout the coming months specifically with regards to the volumes of fully electric powered two wheelers. With the recent uncertainty caused by the conflict in Ukraine, we are all seeing sharp increases in fuel prices, with no end in sight.

Tony Campbell, CEO of MCIA said “Against a lockdown of 2021, a year-on-year increase in registrations was expected.  However, the sector is performing way beyond what we thought, and we do expect this trend to continue into the Spring. This industry has a key role to play in the decarbonisation of road transport while at the same time Leisure and Sport users continue to contribute to the wider UK economy, all of which means we need the support of Government to ensure the 10 key actions from the joint action plan are delivered upon.”  


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