From Roman Holiday to Easter Holiday, scooters ride to the rescue

From Roman Holiday to Easter Holiday, scooters ride to the rescue

During times of crisis, rely on a scooter.  In the aftermath of World War Two, necessity created the petrol-powered scooter.  It got much of Europe mobile again and even took a starring role in the Oscar-winning movie, Roman Holiday.
Fast-forward to 2021 and with its battery-powered cousins, the motor scooter is once again providing ready-when-you-are, inexpensive, congestion-busting personal transportation for many, that has the added bonuses of being completely socially distanced and a lot of fun.

According to the March Powered Two Wheeler (PTW) registration statistics, published today by MCIA, a constant stream of savvy travellers is getting on board, with March scooter registrations UP 26.2% on last year.  Meanwhile, motorcycle registrations are shaking off the limitations of lockdown and gaining momentum, ending the month just 1,448 units down on the largely non-lockdown March 2020, a trend that suggests a bumper year for new PTWs is in the making.

Electrically-powered PTWs continue to make an impact, with March registrations UP 151.5% on 2020. Nearly 50% of all new mopeds (low-powered scooters) are now battery powered. 

As well as enjoying the benefits shared by all PTWs, electrically-powered versions can usually be charged via a domestic three-pin plug, with some also having removable batteries, negating the need to park next to complex charging infrastructure.

If the idea of the many benefits of riding a PTW appeals to you, please visit, to find out more about getting onto powered two wheels, including how to access the straightforward Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course, which is all that is required to ride a PTW of up to 11Kw or 125cc.

More details about March’s PTW registrations can be found here
Please credit MCIA when quoting this information.