MCIA reacts to ‘hammer blow’ changes to Plug-in Motorcycle Grant

MCIA reacts to ‘hammer blow’ changes to Plug-in Motorcycle Grant

The MCIA has today condemned the Government’s decision to change the Plug-in Motorcycle Grant’s rates and criteria without notice.

Unlike the automotive sector, the powered two-wheel sector does not benefit from the same suite of incentives that help to stimulate take up of zero-emission vehicles.

The Plug-in Motorcycle Grant has been instrumental in the 50% increase of the L1 sector. The 90% reduction in support announced today will therefore have a significant impact on the take up of fully electric, zero-emission vehicles.

Despite today’s announcement contradicting the Government’s messages on the green recovery not being ‘car-led’ and the need to fully realise the potential of powered light vehicles and other L-Category products, MCIA remains committed to working with Government to ensure these messages are upheld and delivered upon in the Action Plan it is working to finalise with Zemo Partnership on behalf of the sector.

Commenting on today’s announcement, MCIA CEO, Tony Campbell, said:

“It is with great disappointment the Government has today decided to drastically cut the level of support for moped and motorbikes, typically emitting zero or low-emissions.

“Today’s announcement comes as a hammer blow to consumers and businesses up and down the country who were and are fully behind the drive to zero-emission vehicles and a net-zero future.

“MCIA will continue working on behalf of its members with Government to ensure the right incentives are in place to ensure the full realisation of or sector’s many benefits”.


Notes for Editors:

The MCIA is the body that represents the UK Powered Light Vehicle (PLV) industry. PLVs can be defined as lightweight scooters, motorcycles, tricycles and quadricycles, typically with zero or low-emission power. 

Also known as L-Category vehicles, they are an answer to the traffic congestion and air quality challenges created by personal and goods transportation.

The Route to Tomorrow’s Journeys is the MCIA policy document highlighting the vital role that PLVs can play in future transport. It can be downloaded at 

For more information about the work of the MCIA and Powered Light Vehicles, or to interview MCIA CEO, Tony Campbell, please contact Alfie Brierley at