MCIA Statement in response to MAG Anti Climate Change article

Dear Member,

You may have seen the articles published by DeSmog and The Times last Friday, shedding light on the activities of the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG).

According to the article, MAG has been involved in spreading misinformation, denying climate science, and promoting the belief that climate change is an "eco-fraud" designed to undermine individual freedoms.

I want to make it unequivocally clear that MCIA does not support, condone, or endorse any form of climate change denial or dissemination of false information.

The data provided by independent organisations, such as the Green Alliance and the Department for Transport, clearly indicate that transport, including motorcycles, is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, despite our sector’s impact being minimal (0.46% of total UK domestic transport emissions) when compared to other modes of transport.

By this point, you will all be well aware of the more pragmatic and progressive approach we have and are putting forward to Government. One that is based on our minimal environmental emissions and miles travelled, and the multiple urban mobility benefits our vehicles offer.


Please see below and attached a reactive statement for your information. Though MAG’s views expressed in the articles aren’t new to us, they could potentially pose a reputational risk as key policy makers and parliamentarians could unintentionally conflate MAG’s views with the industry’s position which is obviously not the case.

MCIA statement:

Addressing the recent reports concerning the Motorcycle Action Group’s (MAG) denial of climate science and propagation of misinformation about climate change, the Motorcycle Industry Association’s Chief Executive, Tony Campbell, said:


“MCIA stands firmly against any form of climate change denial or misinformation within our industry. We do not endorse or support the views expressed by MAG in the recent article published by DeSmog and The Times.

“As an Association, we recognise the urgent and undeniable threat posed by climate change. The data provided by reputable organisations such as the Green Alliance and the Department for Transport clearly illustrate the significant impact of the transport sector, including motorcycles, on greenhouse gas emissions, despite our sector’s impact being minimal (0.46% of total UK domestic transport emissions) when compared with other modes of transport.

We firmly believe that a transition to cleaner and more sustainable practices is crucial for the future of the motorcycling industry. We support the adoption of electric vehicles and other eco-friendly technologies to reduce emissions and minimise our carbon footprint, as long as it is done in a pragmatic way and proportionate to our minimal environmental impact and miles travelled, and multiple urban mobility benefits.

The views expressed by MAG's chair, Neil Liversidge, do not represent the position of MCIA, and we distance ourselves from any statements denying the reality of climate change or mischaracterising it as an "eco-fraud."


Our commitment to the environment and the pursuit of greener practices is unwavering. We will continue to work with relevant stakeholders, policymakers, and experts to promote sustainable transport policies that safeguard our planet for future generations.


For media inquiries and further information, please contact Alfie Brierley at or on 07904606194.