Motorsport Saved from Collapse after EU Excludes Motor Insurance Rules (VNUK)

Motorsport Saved from Collapse after EU Excludes Motor Insurance  Rules (VNUK)

The EU Commission yesterday announced they would exclude all vehicles intended exclusively for motorsport from new Motor Insurance rules, known by some as the VNUK law. The exclusion of this directive will protect the existence of the UK’s world-leading motorsports industry.

For seven years a European Court of Justice Ruling threatened the entire sport, and business of motorsport in the UK and Europe. However, with years of pro-active lobbying by MCIA, alongside a cohesive industrylobbying group, a positive outcome has been achieved.

Grant Shapps, Transport Secretary, in February said the UK government had “always disagreed with this over-the-top law” and had no intention of implementing it. The UK’s Department for Transport continually pressed the EU to exclude motorsport and were supported, in Brussels, by the world governing body for motorsport, the FIA. 

Dita Charanzova, MEP, Vice President of the European Parliament said, “I’m glad we were able to find a good solution for Motor Sports in Europe… and managed to curb absurd overregulation of motorsport.”

Tony Campbell, CEO of MCIA said, “With VNUK legislation no longer a threat to motorsport, professionals and fans alike can continue to enjoy racing without the prospect of ludicrous regulation interfering. To have saved thousands of jobs gives security to both individuals, and the future of racing. We’re pleased to have led the way in this outcome”.