Riding the Lockdown Rollercoaster

Riding the Lockdown Rollercoaster

MCIA today released the April 2021 powered two wheeler (PTW) registration statistics. With the 2020 lockdown curtailing PTW retail activity, the three-figure percentage increases recorded this year were not unexpected. However, the growth over the 2019 pre-COVID result confirms MCIA’s belief that 2021 can be a bumper year. 

2021 April registrations show an eye-watering year on year increase of 570% at 10,874 units and an arguably more impressive growth of 10.7% against April 2019.  Whilst the 2020 lockdown may have instigated the thirst for PTWs as an isolated and safer way to travel, 2021 is seeing the transport decisions materialising in new PTW purchases for both efficiency, leisure and the many mental and social health benefits associated with riding.

Electrically powered PTWs once again go from strength to strength with April registrations up 515.7% on 2020.  

If the idea of the many benefits of riding a PTW appeals to you, visit www.unlockyourfreedom.co.uk, to find out more about getting onto powered two wheels, including how to access the straightforward Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course, which is all that is required to ride a PTW of up to 11Kw or 125cc.

More details about April’s PTW registrations can be found here.

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