September Powered Two-Wheeler Registration Statistics

September Powered Two-Wheeler Registration Statistics

MCIA has today published the market data for September, and full year-to-date, for new motorcycle, scooter, and other L-Category registrations.

September has been a strong month for the motorcycle and scooter sector, closing the month at +11% overall, with the scooter segments finishing ahead of last year for the first month - up by 1.1%. September being such an important month with the new registration plate, this strong market growth has reduced the year-to-date market decline back to just -2.1%.

While the government has recently delayed the ban on new diesel and petrol cars from 2030 to 2035, this headline masked the reality of phase out for the 4 wheeled sector, where 80% of all new cars and vans must be zero emission by 2030 meaning the delay is not what it seems. Government is yet to respond to the phase out consultation for the Motorcycle sector where MCIA and its manufacturer members hope for a fully considered and workable approach to the phase out. Such a move would allay fears of a rushed phase out causing undue harm to the industry.

Tony Campbell, CEO of MCIA, said: “With electoral campaigns ramping up, the movement of net-zero goalposts, and a continued uncertainty with regards to the phase-out dates for non-zero emission motorcycles and scooters, it’s with excitement that we see such a positive upturn in registrations this month.

Both riders and manufacturers continue to see the benefits, and demand for petrol-powered products, whilst looking at an uncertain future for this powertrain. With the electric powered two-wheeler market having experienced sluggish registrations in recent months, the Government’s pending decision will inevitably depict the outlook for both powertrains in the coming years”.

More details on the September registration figures can be found here.

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