Twin challenges dampen January Powered Two Wheeler registrations

Twin challenges dampen January Powered Two Wheeler registrations

After a year of defying the limitations of trading during Covid lockdowns with several sectors posting strong growth, Powered Two Wheeler (PTW) registrations suffered a reverse during January.

The twin challenges of lockdown restricting trading and the sale of residual products previously registered as part of the Euro 4 to Euro 5 transition, confirmed an anticipated drop in new registrations at the start of 2021. 

This situation was further compounded by the bizarre Government decision not to temporarily extend the expiring CBT riding permits held my many commuter and delivery riders, arbitrarily removing them from the road and their work during a period when lockdown makes CBT renewals impossible.

The total PTW market ended the month at 3,834 units, down 37.6% on pre-Covid January last year. Within this figure, motorcycles stood at 2,555 (43.1% down) and scooters at 1,279 (-22.8%). 

However, bucking the new year trend, electrically powered scooters and motorcycles continued the growth seen in previous months, ending January an astonishing 166.7% up on last year. Of course, despite the overall registrations blip, PTWs remain the answer for those seeking congestion-busting, environmentally friendly, go-when-you-please commuting or, when permitted, the well-being enhancing effects of leisure riding.

If the idea of the many benefits of riding a PTW appeals to you, please visit, to find out more about getting onto powered two wheels, including how to access the straightforward Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course, which is all that is required to ride a PTW of up to 11Kw or 125cc.

More details about January’s PTW registrations are below.