Representing approximately 90% of the supply side of the industry, MCIA is regarded by government as the voice of the sector.

When working with MCIA, government and its agencies can be confident they are receiving a fully considered view of the sector and its needs. As the membership base grows so does the MCIA's authority.

MCIA always works closely in consultation with members to understand impacts and requirements before it forms a position.

MCIA leads and contributes to many projects and meetings within government and key UK stakeholder groups e.g. DfT, DVLA, DVSA, TfL and also through the Europe-wide industry body, ACEM.

Relationships with key government officials are continually developed to ensure PTWs and the industry is considered and included in policy making.


We operate in a highly legislated industry. From issues such as Type Approval, End of Series arrangements, Personal Protective Equipment and Driving Licence Directives through to unintended consequences of other seemingly unrelated legislation, the MCIA team represents Members and protects the industry's interests.
MCIA Members receive updates regarding proposed changes to legislation and/or technical requirements, providing an early warning system with advice on how to plan and prepare for changes.