Data Requests

Data Requests

MCRIS New Registration Data 

MCRIS New Registration Data offer a detailed glimpse into the pulse of the industry, providing insights into the latest registrations by Make, Model, Vehicle Type, and more. This comprehensive data is not just information; it's a strategic tool to optimise marketing efforts, assess brand performance, and stay ahead in a competitive market.

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Vehicles in Use – Vehicle PARC 

Understanding the current Vehicles in Use, or the Vehicle PARC, is crucial for businesses to gauge market saturation and potential. This data set provides a snapshot of the existing vehicle population, helping businesses identify areas of growth, assess demand, and strategically plan for the future.

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Test Pass Data

MCIA's Test Pass Data offers a broad understanding of rider training success. Delving into essential categories such as Volume, Gender, Licence Type, Age, Country, and County, this data set provides a granular view of the training landscape. Businesses and institutions can leverage this information to tailor their programs. Whether analysing pass rates across demographics or refining educational strategies based on geographical insights, our Test Pass Data is a strategic asset for those invested in shaping the future of rider education and safety.

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Other Enquiries 

Beyond the core data sets already mentioned, MCIA is committed to addressing specific queries and information needs from its members. Whether it’s off the shelf market intelligence, or tailored data reports, our Data Services extend to cater to the diverse and evolving requirements of the motorcycle industry. For further information or quotation please contact us directly at