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As a dominant force representing over 90% of the industry's supply side, MCIA holds distinguished status with the Government as the authoritative voice of the sector.

Our Policy and Public Affairs team is at the forefront of fostering relationships with Government Ministers and officials across Whitehall. Through these relationships, we work relentlessly to elevate the prominence of Powered Two Wheelers (PTWs) and other L-Category vehicles, ensuring that our industry's benefits are firmly acknowledged by the Government, officials, and parliamentarians. 

The MCIA’s Policy and Public Affairs team goes beyond just representation. We actively identify and manage the challenges our sector faces, all while maintaining a forward-looking approach to transport policy. 

Our advocacy extends to championing the indispensable role of PTWs and L-Category vehicles within the framework of transport planning. By doing so, we carve out a vital niche for L-Category vehicles in our future transport systems.

We believe in the power of well-crafted policies and strategic advocacy to create a brighter tomorrow for all. Our dedicated team of experts is committed to navigating the complex landscape of policy, regulations, and public sentiment to shape a world that aligns with our industry values.

What we do:
At the heart of our efforts lies a relentless passion for change. Our Policy and Public Affairs Team combines deep industry knowledge, meticulous research, and strategic thinking to develop and advocate for policies that address pressing challenges and unlock new opportunities. We work hand-in-hand with governments, stakeholders, and communities to craft forward-looking policies that drive progress and foster innovation.

Our expertise:
Navigating the intersection of policy, politics, and public perception demands a diverse range of skills. Our team has a varied background in different disciplines, each bringing a unique perspective to the table. From policy analysis, legislative strategy and parliamentary engagement, we cover every angle to ensure members are well positioned for success.


Director of Policy and Public Affairs
Alfie Brierley: a.brierley@mcia.co.uk 
07590 168714    


Public Affairs Manager
Sean Waters: s.waters@mcia.co.uk
07976 714094