Elite Rider Programme


The Elite Rider Programme, created by MCIA, road safety and training experts, government departments and respected, associated organisations launches today. The aims of the initiative are to increase the number of riders undertaking post-test rider training, and to motivate riders to ride considerately toward other road users and the environment.

Road Safety continues to be a major challenge for the sector, with 20% of all killed and seriously injured road users being Motorcyclists, whom in-turn only represent 1% of road miles travelled. As vehicles on the road move to electric, we are also seeing increasing pressure on noise, not just from motorcycles but also high- performance cars, it is for these reasons industry and the wider sector have come together to make every effort to improve rider safety and to encourage riders to be more socially aware.

To support the Elite Rider Training Initiative, the Elite Rider Hub has been launched.  This platform is a “one stop shop” where riders are able to find a wealth of information and support to improve their skills. The Hub contains information and contact details of the nationally available post-test rider training schemes, with advice for riders, and links to book training. This makes it easier for riders to identify the most suitable post-test training opportunities. This will benefit many road safety professionals and industry colleagues who can point riders to the Elite Rider Hub, rather than listing numerous links to different post-test training providers.

With such a broad range of organisations* supporting the initiative, bringing with them a wealth of knowledge and expertise, there has never been such a large group so focussed on working together to ensure riders can easily access information and services, to improve their riding and make them safer road users.

Tony Campbell MCIA CEO says: “As an industry we believe that better trained riders will be safer riders and post-test training will be the best way to address this. Improving our road safety record will be key to the industry’s future.  However, this is not just the riders fault, therefore MCIA will continue to pressure Government on what can be done to improve infrastructure, safe road space and the training of other road users, we will also be calling for improved awareness campaigns to ensure Motorcyclists are more considered by other road users”.

Visit the website at www.eliteriderhub.co.uk

*Elite Rider Group – Project Group Members

MCIA, and its member companies
Department for Transport (DfT)
Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)
National Highways
IAM RoadSmart
Motorcycle Press 
BikeSafe London
Road Safety GB (RSGB)
National Fire Chiefs Council (Biker Down)
Doc Bike
National Motorcycle Dealers Association (NMDA)
Mental Health Motorbike
Driving Instructors Association (DIA)
National Motorcyclists Council (NMC)
Motorcycle Action Group (MAG)
British Motorcyclists Federation (BMF)
Honda, Kawasaki and BMW rider training schemes
Phoenix Motorcycle Training
The Motorcycle Experience (TME)
Shiny Side Up Partnership (SSUP)
National Young Rider Forum (NYRF)
BikeSafe London

For more information about the work of the MCIA and Powered Light Vehicles, or to interview MCIA CEO, Tony Campbell, please contact Gina Evans at g.evans@mcia.co.uk