April Powered Two-Wheeler Registration Figures

April Powered Two-Wheeler Registration Figures

MCIA have today released the April registration figures for motorcycles, scooters, and other L-category vehicles. The April market closed at a positive 4.2% up when compared to 2021 and if compared to April 2019 (pre-pandemic) an impressive increase of 15.3%. The 2022 year-to-date market is now trending at 32.4% up on the previous year and 6.9% up compared to 2019.   

Electric powered two wheelers are again riding the wave of increased fuel prices, with a 68% increase verses 2021.  The electric segment now represents 6.3% of the total market, with lower powered scooters plugging the transport gap for commuters, as employees return to work on a more regular basis and are looking for an economical, reliable, and convenient way to travel.

The increased consideration of powered two wheelers and other L-Category vehicles within Government transport and road planning continues to tempt many drivers away from their single-occupancy cars, especially where walking, cycling and public transport are not viable alternatives.

Tony Campbell, CEO of MCIA said, “It is a real delight to see such a buoyant market for the sector overall. We are experiencing excellent growth across the board which includes larger capacity motorcycles predominantly used for leisure and sport. The sector is seeing a real growth spurt and long may it continue.   

As we approach the summer months, and more riders take to the roads we want to ensure all riders are as safe and as socially responsible as they can be, which is why we have launched the Elite Rider Hub. The Elite Rider initiative is a one-stop shop where riders can compare post-test riding courses to fit their needs, to ensure their skills are the best they can be”.

More details about April registrations can be found here.

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For more information about the work of the MCIA and Powered Light Vehicles, or to interview MCIA CEO, Tony Campbell, please contact Gina Evans at g.evans@mcia.co.uk.