June Powered Two-Wheeler Registration Statistics

June Powered Two-Wheeler Registration Statistics

MCIA has today published the market data for June, and full year to date for new Motorcycle, Scooters and other L-Category registrations.

The June market has shown a real boost closing with a 7.9% growth which reduces the year-to-date market decline to just 2.6%. June volume was bolstered by both the scooter and naked segments, which accounted for a 13.3% and 16.3% increase respectively.

Larger capacity motorcycles, continue to maintain their positive trend posting an impressive +17.0% for June which brings the year-to-date volumes up by 9.7%.

Tony Campbell, CEO of MCIA, said: “With registrations trailing only 2.6% behind 2022 and a remarkable 4.7% ahead of 2019, looking ahead to Q3 and Q4 we anticipate this upward trajectory to persist. The strong performance in June further highlights the seasonal nature of the leisure sector and its integral role within the industry as a whole.

During our recent meeting with the Minister, Rt Hon Jesse Norman MP, Minister of State for Transport Decarbonisation, we reinforced the industry's stance that any future measures regarding the phase out timeline for new, non-zero emission L-Category vehicles must be proportional to our sector's minimal environmental impact, miles travelled, and numerous urban mobility benefits.

June’s registration data clearly shows the rise in popularity of our sector, offering an affordable and more sustainable form of personal and goods mobility. This rise must be capitalised on, which is why we look forward to continuing working closely with officials to ensure well-informed decisions are made, aligning with both our commitments to unlock the full potential of our vehicles for the benefit of all."

More details on the June registration figures can be found here.

Notes for Editors:Please credit MCIA when quoting this information.

MCIA is the body that represents the UK L-Category vehicle industry. L-Category vehicles can be defined as motorised lightweight scooters, motorcycles, tricycles and quadricycles, typically with zero or low-emission power. 

Within regulation they are defined as ‘L-Category’ vehicles (Regulation 168/2013) and are a great solution to the congestion and air quality challenges we all face. They are also sometimes referred to as powered light vehicles (PLV).

For more information about the work of MCIA and L-Category vehicles, or to interview MCIA’s CEO, Tony Campbell, please contact Gina Evans at g.evans@mcia.co.uk.