PLV Action Plan

PLV Action Plan


MCIA & Zemo Partnership's Joint Action Plan "Realising the Full Potential of Zero Emission Powered Light Vehicles". A Joint Action Plan for Government and Industry.

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The Action Plan launch can be viewed below:


To coincide with the launch of our joint Government and industry Action Plan for zero emission Powered Light Vehicles (PLVs) on the 2nd February, MCIA and Zemo Partnership have produced two communications toolkits to help industry stakeholders and MPs to promote the Plan and its recommendations during and after the launch.

About the joint Action Plan

In its Transport Decarbonisation Plan: A Better, Greener Britain, the UK Government tasked the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) and Zemo Partnership to coordinate work on innovation in urban logistics and personal mobility, and to set out the steps needed to build new national and local UK opportunities for the PLV Industry to help Government realise its enormous potential. This included the publishing of a toolkit later this year to help support local authorities in planning and delivering measures to reduce carbon emissions from transport, recognising the important role local areas will play.

As advocates of the Right Vehicle for the Right Journey approach, we believe giving road users access to a variety of transport solutions that satisfy a particular need at a particular time, is and must be the way forward. The PLV industry, comprising two, three and light four-wheeled vehicles, is an essential channel through which the Government can and will achieve its environmental goals, as well as realising its vision for the future of our cities’ transport ecosystems, more quickly.

See below for the different communications toolkits and associated materials you can use to help promote the Plan’s launch, its key messages and actions. This includes draft template letters to send to your local MP(s)/the Minister, a draft template press release for MPs to send local media and various social media graphics to post on twitter and LinkedIn which highlight the ten actions we are calling for in the Plan..

Resources for MPs

Resources for Members