December and Full Year 2023 L-Category (Scooters, Motorcycles & other light 3- & 4-wheel vehicles) Registration Statistics

December and Full Year 2023 L-Category (Scooters, Motorcycles & other light 3- & 4-wheel vehicles) Registration Statistics

MCIA has today published the market data for December, and the full year of 2023 for new motorcycle, scooter, and other L-Category vehicles.

The December market closed at 5,236 registrations taking the full year to date volumes to just over 113,500 units, -2.5% compared to 2022. 

Whilst we have seen a small decline, the market continues to be incredibly robust when compared to other retail sectors. Unlike the automotive sector, which has over the last 3 – 5 years seen large swings in year-on-year volumes, irrespective of our sector facing the same challenges, it is encouraging to see the L-Category sector remaining consistent, more predictable, and therefore a trustworthy market to do business in.

As we enter into a year of political change and further economic challenges, our industry is confident it can successfully navigate these challenges, whilst at the same time evolve into the opportunities that will certainly develop as the current and future Government pushes ahead with policies to address climate change issues.

We are already starting to see new markets evolve within our sector, these are not just two but also light 3- and 4-wheel mobility solutions. MCIA will be at the forefront of representing these developing markets and companies to ensure this, and the next Government, develop and put in place policies that encourage accelerated market development, which will bring clear benefits in carbon reduction and affordable mobility.             

Tony Campbell, CEO of MCIA, said: “2024 will be an exciting year for the sector which will be built upon another solid performance in 2023. The scooter, motorcycle and now light 3 and 4-wheel market will become an even more important contributor to the transport eco-system. This has been recognised by Government and the Department for Transport and therefore regardless of which party governs, MCIA will challenge and task Ministers and officials to support, encourage and put in place policies that deliver on their commitments they signed up to in the joint sector action plan launched in February 2022."

More details on the December registration figures can be found here.

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Notes for Editors:

MCIA is the body that represents the UK L-Category vehicle industry. L-Category vehicles can be defined as motorised lightweight scooters, motorcycles, tricycles and quadricycles, typically with zero or low-emission power.  

Within regulation they are defined as ‘L-Category’ vehicles (Regulation 168/2013) and are a great solution to the congestion and air quality challenges we all face. They are also sometimes referred to as powered light vehicles (PLV).

For more information about the work of MCIA and L-Category vehicles, or to interview MCIA’s CEO, Tony Campbell, please contact Gina Evans at