A Licence to Net Zero



A Licence to Net Zero aims to make acquiring a moped, motorcycle or other powered light vehicle (PLV) licence simpler, fairer, safer and more accessible for all, enabling a cleaner and greener future.


We’re calling on the Government to: Conduct a full-scale review of the current licensing process.


We need your support:

We're rallying for change! MCIA is calling for a full-scale review of how a person acquires a L-Category licence. This includes all mopeds, motorcycles and other powered three (tricycles) and light four-wheeled vehicles (micro cars). 

To help support A Licence to Net Zero and spread its key messages MCIA has produced communications toolkits: 

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The Government’s 2021 Transport Decarbonisation Plan recognised the pivotal role mopeds, motorcycles and other PLVs have to play in reaching net zero.

They offer sustainable and versatile solutions to contemporary transportation challenges, including emissions reduction, congestion relief, and the provision of affordable modes of transport for individuals and businesses. The Plan tasked MCIA to work with Government on a Joint Action Plan for the PLV sector.

The Action Plan: Realising the Full Potential of Powered Light Vehicles outlined the opportunities and challenges that must be harnessed and overcome for the sector’s benefits, including for reducing emissions, to be accessed by the broadest possible section of society. Improving access to our sector via a review of the current licensing process is essential to this transformation.

The current process for acquiring a licence is needlessly complex and repetitive, acting as a major barrier preventing road users from switching to lighter, cheaper, and greener vehicles. A Licence to Net Zero seeks to change all that!

Unleashing our potential, licence reform essential

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A Licence to Net Zero has been meticulously crafted to simplify an overly complex process, fostering a more accessible pathway for users, so that uptake is increased, and the decarbonising potential of our sector can be fully harnessed.

With our campaign, safety is non-negotiable. We're raising the bar and enhancing protections while making access easier. Our proposals focus on upskilling PLV users and encourage progressive access through the licensing stages.

A Licence to Net Zero goes beyond just benefiting new PLV users. By introducing a smoother, smarter, and more cost-effective process, our reform recommendations save both time and money, all while ensuring riders are trained to the highest standard.

MCIA have commended the Government in the past for recognising the enormous potential of mopeds, motorcycles and other PLVs. A Licence to Net Zero is about giving our sector the tools to turn this vision a reality.

Please contact s.waters@mcia.co.uk if you want to support A Licence to Net Zero or if you have any questions.